Changzhou Maternal and Child Care Hospital

Gynecological Oncology Department
     The Gynecological Oncology Department is one of our key special departments and has 52 beds. Led by Xu Peizhen — chief physician, famous gynecological and obstetrical expert, postgraduate tutor, professor and national labor model, the department has taken the leading position of research, education and clinical diagnosis and treatment in gynecologic tumor field in Jiangsu. The department is also a key clinical department that integrates clinical care, scientific research and education and features comprehensive treatment.。
      The department focuses on clinical diagnosis and treatment as well as relevant research, attaches great importance to early diagnosis and treatment of gynecologic tumor and develops the specialty of comprehensive treatment. It has formed a full set of diagnosis and treatment standards for gynecologic tumor by taking full advantage of such treatment methods as operation, chemotherapy and interventional therapy and formulating comprehensive and effective plans in accordance with national standards, for various kinds of gynecologic benign and malignant tumor including but not limited to the cervical cancer, ovarian cancer, corpus cancer, vulvar cancer, malignant mole, choriocarcinoma, sarcoma of uterus, carcinoma tubae, vaginal cancer, myoma of uterus and ovarian cyst. The comprehensive treatment methods for gynecologic malignant tumor include: operative treatment, endocrine therapy, immunotherapy, combined treatment of traditional Chinese medicine and western medicine, arteriovenous interventional chemotherapy and intraperitoneal chemotherapy; while the operations include: radical vulvectomy + inguinal lymph node dissection, radical panhysterectomy + lymph node dissection of pelvic cavity, eradication operation of ovarian cancer (including carpet-rolling operation), cytoreductive surgery of ovarian cancer, sub-radical panhysterectomy and expanding panhysterectomy. The department has also improved the diagnosis and treatment capacity of the hospital by making the most of the advantages of endoscopic. It may regularly carry out endometrial laser ablation resection under hysteroscope, resection of submucosal myoma of uterus & diorthosis of uterine malformation, panhysterectomy under peritoneoscope, subtotal hysterectomy, enucleation of myoma of uterus, adnexectomy, enucleation of ovarian tumor, salpingectomy, salpingostomy, various kinds of deformation diorthosis of female genital duct and pelvic reconstructive surgery. In a word, the diagnosis and treatment of gynecologic tumor of the department is nationally advanced. 。