Changzhou Maternal and Child Care Hospital

General Gynecology Department
     The General Gynecology Department mainly receives and treats gynecological benign diseases and has achieved mushroom growth in more than 20 years since its establishment. Main characteristics of the department include::
     (1)  (1) Rich experience in diagnosing and treating common and frequently-occurring diseases of gynecology through micro-invasive technology. It may carry out laparoscopic surgery to treat: myoma of uterus, endometriosis interna, ovarian benign tumor, pelvic inflammation and adhesion, extrauterine pregnancy, endometriosis, dysmenorrheal, salpingemphraxis, etc. It may also, under the hysteroscope, treat endometrial polyp, submucous uterine myoma, intrauterine adhesion, uterine malformation (uterus subseptus unicollis), foreign body in uterine cavity, intrauterine device difficult to be removed, induced abortion of malformed uterine, etc. The department has witnessed greater popularity among the patients thanks to the micro-invasive characteristics like minor injury, fast recovery, less hospital stays and absence of obvious scar on the belly. Notably, the recently-applied cannula injection under the hysteroscope has showed special advantages and results in respect of treating the extrauterine pregnancy. As the technology may maintain the integrity of fallopian tube wall while treating the disease, it has brought hope for those sextrauterine pregnancy patients who dream of a baby.。
     (2)  (2) Excellent follower of discipline development. Because of the disadvantages of traditional treatment methods, the department selects new materials and surgical procedures like the modern pelvic floor repair and reconstruction that treats prolapse of uterus, stress incontinence, dysuresia and chronic pelvic pain. The technology is simple and effective with minor injury, and may improve the patients’ life quality by maintaining the integrity of reproductive organ while reliving the patients’ suffering.BR>      The department totally respects sufferer’s rights to know and choose and values our communication with the patients while vigorously exploring advanced and people-oriented service models. With excellent medical skills and ethics as well as attentive services, our professional and responsible doctor team is whole-heartedly serving women patients. 。