Changzhou Maternal and Child Care Hospital

Reproductive Technology Department
      As a level-one department of CMCHCH, the Reproductive Technology Department was officially established in June of 2005 based on the Endocrine Laboratory, Family Planning Department and Gynecological Endocrinology Department. It has now 3 doctors with senior title, 4 with intermediate title and 1 with master degree. With 52 beds, the department has received and treated 1500 person-times of diseases each year from Changzhou, Wujin, Jintan, Liyang and surrounding areas, including more than 50 strange and serious cases, with rescue success rate of serious and dangerous cases being 100%. As the guidance center of various fertility and birth control technologies, the department is providing the female with comprehensive and people-oriented family planning service with rich clinical experience in removal of strange and complex intrauterine device residue and insert, high-risk abortion and induced labor. The department may also relive women’s suffering related with reproductive endocrinology and infertility, and provide standard diagnosis and treatment for various kinds of uterine hemorrhage, hyperprolactinemia, polycystic ovary syndrome, ovary hypofunction as well as diseases related with disorders of sexual development and menopause. Equipped with the hysteroscope and peritoneoscope, the department may also treat far and near end obstruction of fallopian tube, separate the adhesion under the hysteroscope, resect the uterus septum, implement the cerclage for cervical incompetence and provide special ovarian stimulation plans for different cases as well as other technical services. It has successfully cured two women with serious ovarian hyperstimulation who have all delivered their babies.