Changzhou Maternal and Child Care Hospital

Obstetrical Department
     As a key department in Changzhou, the Obstetrical Department of CMCHCH has 5 chief physicians, 6 associate chief physicians, 16 attending or resident physicians and 5 postgraduates with master degree. It also has 202 beds and five divisions including the Physiological Obstetrics Section, Pathological Obstetrics Section, and Obstetrical Section for Special Requirements (L.D.R). As the diagnosis and treatment center for the dangerous, serious, emergent and complex pregnancy in Changzhou and surrounding areas, the ICU of the Obstetrical Department has recued and cured many pregnant women in danger or with serious illness (with diseases category covering almost all types of complication of pregnancy) from Changzhou, Wujin, Jintan, Liyang, Danyang, Jiangyin and others with rescue success rate being 98.5%. Taking the leading position of the field in Jiangsu, the department has made great contribution to reducing the maternal mortality rate of Changzhou. More than 5000 person-times of delivery of baby are completed by us this year. We have also launched many projects like the inhalation of laughing gas, anodyne labor, gasbag midwifery, Doula accompany delivery and one-to-one accompany during the whole delivery process through provincially leading, nationally advanced and internationally synchronized technologies. The department has also applied the “water delivery” early in China and first labor analgesia by warm bath in Jiangsu, thus providing more people-oriented delivery choices for the pregnant.。
       The Obstetrical Department has provided scientific guidance for improving quality of newborn babies through various medical items like the antenatal diagnosis, genetic counseling and ugenics screening, and has guaranteed the safety of many infants and moms with American GE four-dimensional antenatal diagnosis color ultrasound, Central Monitoring System of Obstetrical Department (OXFORD), CVT and monitoring system of umbilical blood flow. 。
      As a practice base, the department has undertaken some education and practical teaching for Nanjing Medical University, Medical College of Soochow University, Medical College of Jiangsu University, Xuzhou Medical College and Medical College of Yangzhou University. 。
      Following the principle of “Care for People & Contribute to Society”, the department is striving for more achievements of Changzhou maternal and child health care.