Changzhou Maternal and Child Care Hospital

Reproductive Health Department
   Reproductive Health Department is a level-one department of the Health Care Division of the Hospital. It mainly provides health care services in various forms for males and females at productive ages with an aim to improve sexual health level of the population.Main tasks of the Department are to: provide premarital checkup and eugenic consultation; provide preconception checkup and reproduction guidance; carry out diagnosis and treatment of male infertility and sexual dysfunction; and offer family planning services.At the same time, the Department undertakes all business guidance and grassroots training of reproductive health on maternal health care for the two (prefecture-level) cities and five districts of Changzhou. Additionally, it also provides government authorities with information basis for decision-making to support their premarital checkup work and spares no efforts to improve population quality.
      Special services 1. Premarital medical examination 2. Premarital health consultation and guidance, premarital health care and preconception health care 3. School for the newlyweds 4. Male reproductive health consultation as well as diagnosis and treatment of male infertility