Changzhou Maternal and Child Care Hospital

Adolescence Health Department
  Adolescence Health Department is a level-one department of the Health Care Division of the Hospital. Its main tasks include monitoring and guidance of physical growth and sexual development of adolescents, diagnosis and treatment of sexual precocity, sexual retardation, adolescent common diseases and other abnormalities as well as reproductive health consultation. It regularly holds lectures for adolescent students and promotes adolescent health care and sexual health education; and carries out reproductive health education and intervention services for unmarried pregnant adolescents and breast care for females at puberty. 。

   Services:   1. Menstrual health care consultation   2. Emmeniopathy diagnosis and treatment   3. Diagnosis and treatment of female sexual precocity and sexual retardation   4. Female malnutrition and obesity consultation   5. Female reproductive health consultation and sexual and reproductive health questions answering for adolescents   6. Contraception and birth control guidance and consultation   7. Voluntary consultation and checkup of venereal diseases and AIDS.