Changzhou Maternal and Child Health Care Hospital is an affiliated hospital of Nanjing Medical University, established in 1981 and located in the central area of the beautiful and fertile Yangtze River Delta. Changzhou, a southern city of Jiangsu Province, is165 kilometers away from Shanghai and 135 kilometers away from Nanjing. The transportation in Changzhou is convenient, including airport, high speed rail and fast bus. The excellent location of the hospital promotes the rapid development of its medical technology.

    Changzhou Maternal and Child Health Care Hospital currently covers an area of 16,030 square meters, and its total construction area is 53,078 square meters. The hospital has 450 beds, out of its 835 employees, 98 have master's degrees or above and 17 are associate professors (master student supervisor). The hospital has seven clinical departments, which are gynecology department, obstetrics department, reproductive technologies department, neonatology department, galactophore department, anesthesiology department and emergency department. It also has five medical departments and six health departments, including women health department, community health department, reproductive health department, child health department, oral health department, adolescent health department.

    After 30 years of development, Changzhou Maternal and Child Health Care Hospital currently plays the key role in medical, health care, teaching and scientific research. The hospital was awarded upper first-class hospital in 2007, is one of the earliest national "Baby Friendly Hospitals", and also won "National Maternal and child health work advanced institution", provincial and municipal "civilized hospital" and many other honorary awards.

    In 2014, Changzhou Maternal and Child Health Care Hospital had 760,000 attended patients, 21,000 discharged patients, 18,000 surgery patients, and its annual delivery capacity reached 12198 patients. The hospital has become the diagnosis and treatment center specialized in gynecology and obstetrics fields in Changzhou and its surrounding areas. The hospital has "Jiangsu Province neonatal screening center Changzhou sub-center", "Changzhou prenatal diagnosis center", "Changzhou reproductive medicine center," "Changzhou high-risk pregnant women treatment center", "Changzhou preterm baby treatment center" and "Changzhou PAC (post-abortion care) alliance" etc,.

    Gynecology department is the key discipline of Nanjing Medical University, the key medical discipline of Changzhou City, and also the Changzhou key medical specialties. In 2014, the gynecological department had 310,000 attended patients, and more than 7,000 in-hospital patients. Minimally invasive surgery technology in gynecologic is extensively used and the hospital is one of two institutions in Changzhou which have the level 4 qualification in gynecologic laparoscopic surgery. Cervical disease specialized department has been assessed by the Ministry of Health as the only demonstration center in Changzhou for cervical cancer prevention, standardized diagnosis and treatment of precancerous lesions.

    Obstetrics department had 12,000 babies delivered in 2014, and is responsible for the supervision of obstetric technology training and assessment of hospitals in Changzhou. The obstetrics department has accumulated rich experience in diagnosis and treatment of a variety of high-risk pregnancies, providing variable choices for pregnant women delivery, such as nitrous oxide inhalation, analgesia, airbag midwifery, doula delivery, water birth and pain relief warm bath etc.

    Neonatology department is Changzhou key medical specialized department, and had 40,000 attended patients and 2,000 in-hospital patients in 2014. Changzhou Maternal and Child Health Care Hospital has accumulated rich experience in the treatment of critically ill infants. The lowest weight of the successfully treated infant is only 750g, and the lowest gestational age is only 25 + 1 weeks. The success rate of neonatal critical treatment is more than 95%, which reaches the advanced level in China.

    Prenatal diagnosis center is approved by the Jiangsu Provincial Health Department as the only prenatal screening / diagnostic technology service provider in Changzhou. By genetics analysis and image screening, high-risk children can be diagnosed to reduce the rate of birth defects and improve the quality of births.

    Newborn disease screening center is approved by the Jiangsu Provincial Health Department as the only newborn disease screening institution in Changzhou, performing systematic screening and early diagnosis of congenital hypothyroidism, phenylketonuria, and congenital adrenal hyperplasia, providing an effective means for early intervention and prevention disability.

    Reproductive medicine center is approved by the Jiangsu Provincial Health Department as the only artificial progesterone medical institution in Changzhou, primarily for the diagnosis and treatment of a variety of assisted human reproduction and infertility clinical medicine research. From 2014 the center has fully carried out the "first generation test-tube baby" technology, "second-generation test-tube baby" technique and frozen embryo transfer technology, and has so far completed over 2000 cycles, each transfer cycle pregnancy rate was 55%, reached the advanced level in China.

    Health department is responsible for technical supervision of maternal and child health, maternal health care management, child care management, assessment of midwifery organizations, supervision of nursery institutions, supervision and implementation of major maternal and child health projects in Changzhou. A number of indicators of maternal and child health care including maternal mortality rate, infant mortality rate ranks leading place in the province.

    Hospital adheres to its purpose of "Children First, Mothers Safe" to serve patients as well as the community.

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